Private Lessons

Private lessons for beginning students are designed for aspiring singers that have little to no prior musical experience. Lessons are based on the fundamentals of singing, basic theory, and the opportunity to explore a variety of styles/genres! Beginning students are welcome to participate in all studio concerts and showcases, as part of our performance-based curriculum.  

Private lessons for intermediate students are centered around more in-depth vocal technique training, theory, harmony development, and stylistic exploration, as a means to cultivate individualized artistry. During showcases, students are also given more opportunities to self-accompany, as well as accompany their peers, both vocally and instrumentally! 

Private lessons for advanced singers are designed to help those looking for more in-depth musical proficiency and unique artistic development. Students looking to audition for college programs, participate in select, auditioned groups, and pursue recording and/or songwriting goals are introduced to extra networking opportunities, as well as resume building experiences. 

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The Method

Traditional studios rarely teach students how to perform with other musicians.

This is another area where the method at Gabrielle Studio Of Music is different.

We combine one-on-one instruction with multiple live performances throughout the year, backed by a professional band. The goal is not just to teach students how to lead a band as a solo artist; this experience also gives students the opportunity to accompany themselves, collaborate with others, arrange their own music, sing harmonies, and approach stage performance with skill and comfort, whether or not they ultimately choose to pursue performance as a career. 

When students are not performing at scheduled concerts, they are encouraged to participate in studio open mic nights, community performance events, and recording projects. 


Private Instruction for Modern Musicians

Every program we offer is built on the principle of helping you truly understand how to use your voice, while giving you both the tools and freedom to grow as a unique artist. 

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