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We're more than a studio, we're a community who believes in encouraging personal, professional and collaborative growth.



We combine one-on-one instruction with multiple live performances throughout the year, backed by a professional, 5-piece band. Stage performance is used to enhance the technique learned in private lessons, and is designed to showcase the foundational skills learned throughout the year. 


While many of our students are active, successful performers, our goal is not to teach with a focus solely towards performance. We view performance as a tool for growth, and use the stage as a technical experience, where students have the opportunity to self-accompany, collaborate with others, arrange music, harmonize, and approach stage performance with skill and comfort, whether or not they ultimately choose to pursue performance as a career. 

Students are also encouraged to participate in open mic nights, community performance events, vocal performance workshops, musical competitions, and recording projects throughout the year, to both celebrate and grow their skill and comfort in a variety of meaningful ways.

Stage Performance



Here, it's our goal to teach the core vocal techniques required for healthy singing, advance a deeper love for music, and ultimately foster a rooted confidence in each student as they discover (and own!) their unique voices.​

Our studio focuses on building dynamic voices through proper vocal technique training, maintaining vocal health through all styles and genres, cultivating well-rounded musicians that understand the theory of music, developing unique artists that understand how to use their voices intentionally, and preparing artists to confidently command the stage.

Spotlight Concert Series
About Us



Beginning lessons are designed for aspiring singers that have little to no prior musical experience.


Intermediate lessons are centered around more in-depth vocal technique training, theory, harmony development, and stylistic exploration.


Advanced lessons are designed to help those looking for more in-depth musical proficiency, artistic development, and for those wanting to audition for college programs, participate in select, auditioned groups, pursue recording and/or songwriting goals, and even pursue professional representation. 

Spotlight Concert Series
Special Projects



Our studio proudly provides training and assistance for special musical projects; for example, we have worked with brides wishing to sing while walking down the aisle on their wedding day, recorded surprise songs for father/daughter dances, coached first-time singers looking to gift songs as anniversary gifts, created albums for Mother's Day and holiday gifts, and many more sentimental projects.

Whatever you envision, we are happy to help bring your musical ideas to life! 

Gabrielle has changed so much for me, and has given me a level of confidence I never thought was possible.

- Hannah D.

With Gabrielle, students discover the transformative power of music within themselves.

- Melinda M.

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