Gabrielle Stahlschmidt is a leading vocal teacher, podcast host, and educational speaker! 


Her studio is widely known for its solid foundation of holistic teaching for vocal health, which extends to all genres of music. With specialized training in vocal artistry/development, Gabrielle provides a level of teaching that is highly sought after in the St. Louis/St. Charles market. Showcasing a broad range of talent, 2 large scale performances are offered yearly. The studio provides vocal training/coaching/consulting, workshops, recording experience, audition intensives for the Fox, Muny, Opera Theater of St. Louis, & TV competitions, as well as college audition prep.


Gabrielle is a certified teacher who holds a degree in Music Education from Missouri Baptist University.



Conveniently located in St. Charles, MO.



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Gabrielle Stahlschmidt

St. Louis Vocal Coach I Speaker I  Podcast Host

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Openings now available!​
Space is limited, so call or text
314-282-5570, for a FREE consultation! 

Hey there! I'm Gabrielle Stahlschmidt!

I am St. Louis's vocal coach, piano teacher, educational 

public speaker, and the host of the Own Your Voice


My studio is dedicated to helping others discover

and own their uniquely powerful voices, both

musically and personally! Music and mentorship

are the heart of my studio community.

*Serving St. Charles County, St. Louis, and


- Gabrielle

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What makes this studio stand out?

Glad you asked! 

My studio is unique in that I offer the following: 

  • Monthly vocal workshops

  • Masterclasses

  • Audition Intensives

  • Podcasts

  • FREE  content for vocal growth 

  • Live studio concerts

  • Community performance opportunities


 If your dream is to perform on the big stage, I prepare my students for auditions at venues such as The Fox, The Muny, Opera Theater of St. Louis, Union Avenue Opera, The Voice, America's Got Talent, and more. For my high school theater lovers, I focus on helping you land your lead roles, as well as ensuring that you nail your college music auditions


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"The Songwriter's Guide to Creating Dynamic Lyrics" 


( Plus 4 Week Songwriting Challenge!)

This resource rich e-book includes the following:


  • An in-depth look at specific literary devices for creating impactful lyrics

  • A 4 week songwriting challenge, with special prompts

  • A bonus Writer's Toolkit Word List, for help jump-starting your creative lyrical flow!


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