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Welcome To St. Louis's Music Studio

At Gabrielle Studio Of Music, we are excited to provide top-tier private instruction from certified music educators, specializing in vocal health, stylistic technique development, and performance artistry. 



Gabrielle Stahlschmidt

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I'm proud to direct St. Louis's innovative music studio, run The Own Your Voice Academy, serve as your professional artist development coach, and support you as your biggest cheerleader! 

My love for teaching grew naturally out of my desire to encourage and inspire people on a authentic, grassroots level; because music is such a uniquely personal gift, through it, I get to encourage and empower strong, independent voices in amazing ways! 

With degrees in both music education and the psychology of learning, I'm passionate about teaching everything a person needs for a strong foundation. On one hand, this means teaching the fundamentals of singing through vocal health, stylistic technique, theory and genre exploration, but it also means developing confident and meaningful voices, that both better and challenge the world of the arts.



"Gabrielle is fabulous; she goes the extra
mile again and again." 

"My son had auditions for a college scholarship, and she not only worked in extra practice lessons right before auditions, she even texted and called to check up on his progress. Gabrielle also offers additional workshops, intensives and live concerts that simply can not be calculated into the cost of a typical lesson. Her enthusiasm and dedication for the needs of each student is incredible! A vocal teacher that loves her calling AND your child just can’t be better."

Kendra B.


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