Gabrielle Stahlschmidt is a leading vocal teacher, podcast host, and educational speaker! 


Her studio is widely known for its solid foundation of holistic teaching for vocal health, which extends to all genres of music. With specialized training in vocal artistry/development, Gabrielle provides a level of teaching that is highly sought after in the St. Louis/St. Charles market. Showcasing a broad range of talent, 2 large scale performances are offered yearly. The studio provides vocal training/coaching/consulting, workshops, recording experience, audition intensives for the Fox, Muny, Opera Theater of St. Louis, & TV competitions, as well as college audition prep.


Gabrielle is a certified teacher who holds a degree in Music Education from Missouri Baptist University.



Conveniently located in St. Charles, MO.



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Contemporary Teaching for the MODERN Artist

Student-Centered Teaching

​​I am thrilled to offer a non-traditional approach to all genres for my students, backed by an emphasis on healthy technique for vocal longevity and ease of genre crossover!

 With my studio, you will not just receive one standard approach - each lesson is individualized, to meet the specific needs of every artist. It is highly important to me that each of my students succeeds in an environment that is not only safe, but one that also resonates with their unique goals. 

I believe in creating a healthy singing environment that allows for a lifetime of damage-free singing. In order to achieve this, I specialize in vocal pedagogy - building on the foundational techniques of singing, i.e. healthy vocal production, proper breathing, posture, and tension control, no matter the age! 


Together, we will explore multiple genres of music as we cultivate creativity, individuality, and self expression!

Artist Development

My studio is focused on developing well-rounded artists!

  • Workshops,

  • Masterclasses, 

  • Live Studio Concerts,

  • Audition Preparation/Intensives,

  • Community Performance Opportunities,

  • Real World Studio Recording Experience,

  • ...and FREE Educational Content


Studio days are offered each month; while they are not required, students are encouraged to participate, as they offer a wealth of real world experience. Each studio session offers the chance to explore various facets of vocal performance.


I teach vocal workshops/masterclasses in conjunction with other area professionals, theater audition workshops, active studio days, and provide studio field trips to area performances and other relevant activities, as well as peer performance days!

Stage Performance Skills

I am committed to giving my students opportunities to perform and share their gifts, while gaining mastery of stage performance skills! 

I offer two live studio concerts each year. Backed by a professional band, students are given the skills and experience necessary to become solid lead singers, on the big stage.  This also teaches them how to work the stage with energy and confidence. These concerts are open to all family and friends!


Throughout the rest of the year, students are highly encouraged to perform in the community, compete in large-scale competitions, write/record their own music, and attend both community and studio workshops!


Audition Preparation

I also prepare my students for auditions at venues such as The Fox, The Muny, Opera Theater of St. Louis, Union Avenue Opera, The Voice, America's Got Talent, and more. 


For my high school theater lovers, I focus on helping you land your lead roles, as well as ensuring that you nail your college music auditions

Review Reel



"Gabrielle is an all-around fantastic teacher, not just in regard to her technical knowledge and skill in understanding vocal training, but also in her approach to teaching each of her students, and the way she is able to give lessons that focus on what individual students need to work on and strengthen in order to maximize their learning experience...I love working with her and have learned so much from what she's taught me!" - Mary

"Gabrielle is the #1 teacher/coach/mentor! I have taken my daughter to other studios...and she didn't learn or do half of the things she is doing now!" - Cherie



"Gabrielle helped prepare me so well for college voice lessons! I learned so much from her. I truly believe I would not have done so well (or received the scholarship I did) without her!"

- Laura



"I can’t say enough great things about Gabrielle. She has really clicked with Sophia and I can see the confidence growing in her. Usually the main reason for voice lessons is to be a stronger singer, but I was looking for a confidence coach more than anything else, and that’s what we got (along with an amazing singer for a coach). She looks forward to her lessons and practices quite a bit now, plus she gets to use her ukelele! So if you’re looking for a tremendous voice coach in the St. Charles area, you can’t do better than this." - Jill

"If it weren't for taking voice lessons with Gabrielle, I wouldn't have half the stage presence I do now! She really is amazing!!!" - Rebekah



"Gabrielle has been such an inspiration to my daughter. She has grown in confidence and loveliness. I knew she had a beautiful voice when she started, but Gabrielle gave her that extra edge with vocal training, stage presence, and musical challenges!" - Cory



"I have had other teachers and Gabrielle is by far not only the best I've had, but also the kindest; she is easy to talk to, which I find very important because if you cannot tell your teacher about what's going on in life they won't know how much you can handle for the week. She has also shown amazing patience with me when I'm behind on my songs and is super supportive towards all of her students. I highly recommend Gabrielle, she can help you if you know what you want to sing and if you don't she can help you find the type of music that you love and will support you all the way!" - Bernadette



"Gabrielle is an AMAZING teacher! My girls have been with her for many years and I’ve seen such an advancement in their skills, abilities, and even in their range. At the most recent voice recital, I was stunned at my daughter’s performance (as well as all of the other students); she sounded like a country music star! Gabrielle has credentials for what she does, and it shows in the end results. Most importantly, she protects their voices and ensures that they do not do anything to jeopardize their vocal chords. So many teachers do not heed this important step. I cannot say enough good things about this studio!" - Gina