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Community + coaching for artists looking to gain the confidence they need
to chase not only their professional goals, but also their personal ones.

We practice positive mentorship through community inclusion, offer accessible and innovative extra-curricular opportunities for musical growth and collaboration, and equip each student with the necessary tools to use their voices, both musically and personally, in creative, life-giving ways. 



Our Focus

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We are passionate about our belief that your voice is valuable and worthy of being heard, and it’s essential to us that we are able to cultivate a rooted confidence in the potential power of your voice in this world.

This accomplished in a variety of ways: confidence through community is built through our collaborative classes, field trips, studio performances, open mic nights, and more!

As a studio community, we are not just inwardly focused; we also began an inspirational clothing line called Well Worn Words Co., for the purpose of giving back to our local community. 


Our collection encapsulates our heart and mission, which is to ignite powerful voices that matter, in music + life. Since we also know that words alone aren’t enough to accomplish the change we want to see, we turn our words into action by donating a portion of our sales directly to local charities!


The Academy

Discover All The Classes!

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