1:1 Lessons

Student - Centered Teaching

​​With our studio, you will not just receive one standard approach - each lesson is individualized, to meet the specific needs of every artist. It is highly important to us that each student succeeds in an environment that is not only safe, but one that also resonates with their unique goals. 

We believe in creating a healthy singing environment that allows for a lifetime of damage-free singing. In order to achieve this, we specialize in vocal pedagogy - building on the foundational techniques of singing, i.e. healthy vocal production, proper breathing, posture, and tension control, etc., no matter the age! Together, we will explore multiple genres of music as we cultivate creativity, individuality, and confident self-expression!

Studio Workshops

Artist Development

​​Our studio is dedicated to developing well-rounded artists that succeed in all genres!


Extra-curricular workshops + intensives are offered through our online, international Own Your Voice Academy; each 60 + minute class offers the chance to explore various facets of vocal performance and technique, genre styling, music technology, composition, and more. 

We teach each of our workshops and masterclasses in conjunction with a network of professional educators and artists! We also offer theater and college audition workshops, and provide studio field trips to area performances and other fun, relevant activities for team-building and community.

Coaching + Performance

Performance Skills + Audition Prep

We offer two live studio concerts each year. Backed by a professional band, students are given the skills and experience necessary to become solid lead singers, on the big stage. This experience is invaluable for teaching students how to work the stage with energy and confidence; and to even hone their harmonies + accompanist skills! These concerts are always open to family and friends!


Throughout the rest of the year, students are highly encouraged to perform in the community, compete in large-scale competitions, write/record their own music, and attend both community and studio workshops!

​​We prepare our students for auditions at venues such as The Fox, The Muny, The Voice, Songland, Opera Theater of St. Louis, Union Avenue Opera, America's Got Talent, and more


For our high school theater lovers, we focus on helping them land their lead roles, as well as ensuring that nail their college music auditions! 

Studio Sneak Peek

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Gabrielle Stahlschmidt is a Leading STL Vocal Coach,

Online Educator, Academy CEO, and Speaker.

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