Gabrielle Stahlschmidt

B.MEd., B.P.S.

About Gabrielle


B.MED., B.P.S.

About Gabrielle

I am St. Louis's vocal teacher, pianist, 

educational speaker, Youtube content creator, and 

host of the professional development podcast, 

Own Your Voice!


I studied at Missouri Baptist University, where I received a double bachelors, specializing  in music education. Music has been more of a lifestyle than a hobby for me; I have 20+ years of piano, as well as years of solo and award winning competition experience!


I've recorded an album in Nashville, TN, and performed my own music around the St. Louis area, as well as singing for weddings, festivals, and corporate events.

Having been immersed in vocal performance for my entire musical career, I have had many amazing  opportunities to perform with a wide variety of notable organizations. My stylistic background is diverse, which has given me the skills necessary to teach a broad variety of styles and genres!


Bringing this experience to the studio, my students are able to explore everything from country, pop, and indie, to music theater, foreign language pieces, rock and jazz!  

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My Story

I chose to become a teacher, first and foremost, because it is my passion to encourage and inspire people!


Music is such a uniquely personal gift; through it, I get to encourage strong, independent voices in amazing ways. 


In vocal lessons, it is my goal to promote a healthy singing environment, advance a love for music, and foster confidence in my students as they discover their own voice.  


In the studio community, my desire is to empower the next generation of voices. This is achieved through positive mentorship, providing a safe place for my students to explore music, and equipping them with the necessary tools to use their voices, both musically and otherwise, in powerful, life-giving ways. 


I get to discover so many incredible voices of all ages, my current students range from 8-72!

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