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I am St. Louis's vocal teacher, performance coach, artistic development mentor, educational content creator, founder of the Own Your Voice Academy, and host of the corresponding Own Your Voice Podcast!

B.M.ED., B.P.S.


I studied at Missouri Baptist University, where I received a double bachelors, with education degrees specializing in music instruction, vocal health/production, and the psychology of learning. Music has been more of a lifestyle than a hobby for me; I have a lifetime of experience performing, recording, and writing music in a variety of genres!


Having been immersed in vocal performance for my entire musical career, I have had many amazing opportunities to perform with a wide variety of notable organizations. I have performed in choirs, acted in theater shows, competed in vocal competitions, sang with orchestras + bands, and have also written and recorded my own album with producers in Nashville, TN! It is incredibly rewarding for me to pass on the connections, musical experiences, and the performance knowledge I have gained to my students!


As a result, my students are confidently able to explore, write, and record everything from country, pop, and indie, to music theater, foreign language pieces, rock and jazz!  

"Cultivating Powerful Voices, In Music + Life"

​My love for teaching grew naturally out of my passion to encourage and inspire people on a 1:1 level; music is such a uniquely personal gift and through it, I get to encourage and empower strong, independent voices in amazing ways! 


In vocal lessons, it is my goal to provide the foundational technique required for healthy, intentional singing, advance a love for music, and ultimately foster a rooted confidence in my students as they discover (and own!) their unique voices.  


In the studio community, my desire is to empower the next generation of strong voices. This is achieved through positive mentorship, providing a safe place for my students to explore their gifts and tell their stories, offering outstanding extra-curricular opportunities for musical growth + collaboration, and equipping each student with the necessary tools to use their voices, both musically and personally, in creative, life-giving ways (healthy internal voices = powerful external voices!)


I love discovering incredible voices of all ages; my current students range from 8-73!

What does it mean to "Own Your Voice"? Here, owning your voice means understanding, intentionally using, and truly believing in your voice; it means passionately pursuing your gifts, and using them to positively impact your life AND the world around you. ⁣⁣

I often find that when we discover vocal freedom in our singing voices, we develop a sense of freedom in our everyday speech. Singing has so much to do with our internal awareness and confidence - this is why I believe being a passionate teacher is so important!
To me, inspiring voices doesn’t mean just creating beautiful music, it also means igniting self-discovery, and empowering self-belief. Call it counseling, music⁣⁣ therapy, or a voice lesson - when you set foot here, you won’t just discover music. You will learn how to cultivate confidence in every aspect of who you are, and then will be challenged to use that powerful force for the benefit of yourself and others. ⁣


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Not-so-secret vice: Cold brew coffee

and single origin pour-overs (honestly, anything with caffeine, because the #TeacherLife is real)!

Dream musical collaboration: Songwriting/performing with Steve Perry! Journey has always been my go-to band.

Dream role: Elle Woods. She's sassy, smart, and fashionable. What could be better?


Gabrielle Stahlschmidt is a Leading STL Vocal Coach,

Online Educator, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster 

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