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Our Story

Cultivating Powerful Voices, In Music + Life

At Gabrielle Studio Of Music, it's our goal to teach the core vocal techniques required for healthy singing, advance a deeper love for music, and ultimately foster a rooted confidence in each student as they discover (and own!) their unique voices.​

Our studio focuses on building dynamic voices through proper vocal technique training, maintaining vocal health through all styles/genres, cultivating well-rounded musicians that understand the theory of music, developing unique artists that understand how to use their voices intentionally, and preparing artists to confidently command the stage.

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I'm Gabrielle

I studied at Missouri Baptist University, where I received a double bachelors, with education degrees specializing in music instruction, vocal health/production, and the psychology of learning. 

Having been immersed in vocal performance for my entire musical career, I have had many amazing opportunities to perform with a wide variety of notable organizations. I have performed in choirs, acted in theater shows, competed in vocal competitions, sang with orchestras + bands, and have also written and recorded my own album with producers in Nashville, TN! It is incredibly rewarding for me to pass on the connections and the performance knowledge I have gained to my students.

With our studio, you will not just receive one standard approach - each lesson is individualized, to meet the specific needs of every artist. It's our goal that each student succeeds in an environment that resonates with their unique goals.  


Professional development workshops and intensives are also offered through our Own Your Voice Academy; each stand-alone course offers the chance to explore various facets of the music world through live instrumental and vocal technique workshops, genre styling masterclasses, music technology exploration, composition courses, audition and performance preparation, and more!

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